RF Demo Kit 测试教程发布 / Testing tutorial released

RF Demo Kit 是由 BH5HNU 自主设计的 NanoVNA 射频测试板,尺寸10*10CM,用于学习矢量网络分析仪使用。
The RF Demo Kit is a NanoVNA RF test board independently designed by BH5HNU, with a size of 10 * 10CM. It is used to learn the use of a vector network analyzer.

请认准新版本购买,带有 WWW.DEEPELEC.COM 网址信息,旧版 WWW.SxxxxxxT.COM 已经停产。
Please buy the new version with WWW.DEEPELEC.COM website information, the old version with WWW.SxxxxxxT.COM has been discontinued.

For more information, please refer to the link below.

About NanoVNA-F machines Vendors and bad clones

Hello everyone, it is necessary to state that at present we only produce -F machines with metal case.

We do not resist enthusiasts buying machines from other suppliers, but enthusiasts need to have a certain discrimination ability: choose a supplier with good evaluation, and the price of the machine is trustworthy at around $ 120.

Like what hwalker in groups.io said "be aware that some vendors are scammers and the only way to protect yourself is buying from a reputable source."

Recently we found a bad clone of the -F machine on AliExpress / eBay. We have open sourced all the code on github, but this clone is still badly made. ╮(╯▽╰)╭
As the picture shown below, We want enthusiasts to stay away from these crude products.


Please look for the product description in our shop, and think twice before purchasing any variant.

NanoVNA-F 产品发布 / product release

NanoVNA-F 迷你矢量网络分析仪是 BH5HNU 基于 NanoVNA 开源项目( https://ttrf.tk/kit/nanovna/ )开发的产品,射频部分和原版一致(NanoVNA-F 使用谐波扩展测量频率到 1GHz)。
NanoVNA-F 硬件功能包括并不限于如下改进:
1、使用 4.3寸 IPS TFT 液晶屏,视角更大,户外强光下也可以看的清楚;
2、换用大容量 5000mAh/3.7V 锂电池,待机时间更长,同时扩展出一个USB接口,平时不用仪器时可以当做充电宝使用;
3、换用大电流 2A 充电 IC,充满电时间更短;
9、软件开源 github.com/flyoob/NanoVNA-F
For more information, please refer to the link below.