About NanoVNA-F machines Vendors and bad clones

Hello everyone, it is necessary to state that at present we only produce -F machines with metal case.

We do not resist enthusiasts buying machines from other suppliers, but enthusiasts need to have a certain discrimination ability: choose a supplier with good evaluation, and the price of the machine is trustworthy at around $ 120.

Like what hwalker in groups.io said "be aware that some vendors are scammers and the only way to protect yourself is buying from a reputable source."

Recently we found a bad clone of the -F machine on AliExpress / eBay. We have open sourced all the code on github, but this clone is still badly made. ╮(╯▽╰)╭
As the picture shown below, We want enthusiasts to stay away from these crude products.


Please look for the product description in our shop, and think twice before purchasing any variant.


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